Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Music Video Finale

P3T7 Dancing King from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.
Okay so my team consists of me Julian Bejar, Anthony Gallego, Sophia Ibanez, and Stephanie Aguinaldo. We chose a K-pop song, it is called Dancing Kings and it's by EXO and YOO JAE SUK. We chose this song because we like K-Pop songs and thought it would be fun to do a song like this for our music video. It was also more unique then just a normal english song because it is in Korean.  

The storyline of our music video is about the 4 of us in a competition to be the Dancing King which is what the song is called. We all had an argument and decided to split up and sing and dance each by ourselves for the competition to be the Dancing King. Our storyline is related to our lyrics because the song is about a competition to be the Dancing King and so we made a story of each of us trying to win the dancing king crown.

The music video we are making isn't my best work, I have done better before, but it is still one of my good pieces of work. It was in Korean because our song was a K-pop song which made it harder for us to lip sync it but we were still able to memorize and do it which is why even though it wasn't my best work I still think it was still really good. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

Our project goal is to create a good animation showcasing our focus statements. We want our characters to show their personalities and character clearly. My group consists of Gillian Altman the team leader, Emily McDaniel, and me Julian Bejar

Our two focus statements are Tree Bears Fruit and Spirit Recognizes Wolfishness.  The focus statement that got selected for us by the class was Spirit Recognizes Wolfishness. The first scene consists of Emily, an orphaned girl, going for a hike in the woods and meeting a wolf named Nani who she threw stones at. The second scene shows Emily at her house, by her bed at night turning into a wolf. The third scene shows Emily as a wolf wandering around the forest and meeting Nani again, she doesn't know it's the same wolf but Nani knew who she was. In the fourth scene it depicts a wolf goddess appearing and giving Emily a choice to stay a wolf or go back being a human, she stays as a wolf. In our fifth and final scene it pictures Emily getting accepted into the wolf pack.

To conclude our animation we got about a 3 as our final score. We also received 2 votes for the "Best Metamorphosis Animation". Like the class voted we did the animation on Spirit Recognizes Wolfishness and it turned out pretty well. Some scenes were blurry and hard to understand or see and the message of the animation was also pretty hard to understand. But overall the animation turned out well and we got about a 3. With the report/scores we got for our animation I think it is accurate, I think we did deserve this score and I have no disagreements with it. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geometric Portraits

Facial expressions are universal because they can do many things and can tell us many things. Facial expressions can be used as sign language if you can't speak a certain language or you have a disability. It could also be used as to show our emotions like if you were angry you could maybe put you eyebrows down and frown your mouth. Another thing it could do is show what we think of something like for example if you thought something was disgusting you would maybe squint your face a little bit. This is why facial expressions are universal they can do A LOT. I found this all in a wikipidia site.

First I took a picture of myself to use for the project. After this I opened it up with Photoshop. I then made the background white and stretched out the image of me. Then I just started making the outline and triangles on my face. I also had to tilt my photo a little bit because my head was tilting and it wasn't even. Part of one ear was showing and the other was completely showing. That is how I made a low poly portrait. 

The easy way is of course easier than the custom way. The easier way gives you a very limited color scheme whereas the custom way gives you a large selection/variation of colors to select from so you don't use only a few colors. The custom way can get pretty difficult at times because you gotta find colors that match with all the other colors. For example having one triangle be completely black/dark and having another be really light colored wouldn't really match. The easy way also has you only making triangles and coloring it on one side because later on you would flip it to the other side. So this would have to make you make you take an almost perfectly aligned photo this could get difficult sometimes.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

You can interact with nature by maybe just going outside. Like taking a stroll around or just laying down/resting outside. You can also interact with nature by like taking pictures of outside or videos. Also nature can impact your life because it also provides us things we need to live. It also helps other things in nature like animals and other living things.

Timelapses and slow-mos are created with cameras and editing softwares. First you record a long video for your timelapse and then you record a short video for your slow-mo. Then after that you use an editing software of some kind to speed up your video for the timelapse and slow down your video for the slow-mo. Also when you record your videos you keep the camera still.

The hardest part would have to probably getting a good shot like the camera doesn't move, it's not slanted, no interferences, it's angled and pointed correctly, and just trying to find a good place to take the shot. My favorite part would be watching the video after taking it or after I edit it to go slower/faster I watch the video, it's really cool. I also liked just going outside and finding places to film for the timelapses and slow-mos. I got to go to a lot of nice places.

Ten people gave me an exemplary score, fifteen gave me accomplished, two people gave me developing, and zero people gave me beginning. I also got one best overall vote. I would say I did pretty well and I agree with everyones vote. I thought I would get no exemplary votes but I'm glad I did. Overall I think I did really well the video was how I wanted it to be it also exceeded my expectations.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

I think poetry is a way for people to explain their feelings with others. Or it could be a way for them to share or show their personality, like what they're like. It could also be a way to share and or show their emotions. Maybe even to tell stories. But for me I use poetry for having fun.

My basketball team and I losing in the championship last year really brought us down
But I learned something big
Failures spur ambition 
Drive us to get through those hardships
They give us determination and confidence 
They give us experience and relief 
They teach us not to let up, so don't give up

I used more of a rhythm than rhyme because I have a pretty difficult time thinking up rhymes. So I used rhythm because it was easier than rhyme. I actually tried to use rhyme but it didn't sound correct. I also used rhythm because I got a feeling of using it and it's not to difficult for me to think of a rhythm. I really like rhythm that's also why I used rhythm rather than rhyme.